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Unique Skill Based and Value Based Education.

Excellence with Uniqueness.


Our teaching faculty use computer-aided visuals and lectures with the latest graphic modules.

These excellent resources are all aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning within school.

  • Ultra Short Throw Projectors.

  • High-Speed Broadband Internet Access.

  • Wireless Network.

  • Audio-Visual Systems.


A well-equipped Library enhances learning and endeavors to inculcate a love for books in children.

Our Library houses an exhaustive array of books and encyclopedias. Internet connectivity, multi-media CD ROMS, and CDs for instant reference for project work and research that meets the individual interests of our students.


Performing Arts

  • Drama

  • Music (Western, Vocal)

  • Dance

Visual Arts

Clay-Modelling, Sculpting, Thread work, and Painting are some of the activities taught here.



Regular Physical Exercise classes along with an option of choosing a favorite sports encourages our students to excel.


The School houses a shaded basket ball, throw-ball, indoor games, traditional games, two reading sessions every week and other verbal activities.


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