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Our School

Sign of happiness.


Principal Message

Mrs. Banu


Welcome from the Principal

Education today is the synonym of globalization. In today’s fast changing world, International Education has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Our school strives to provide a comprehensive and meaningful interational education in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. The learners are offered a platform to collaborate, ponder, reason, evaluate and reflect thus imbibing the cultural traits the world demands from the youth.

Our goal is to hone the inbuilt unique skills of your child for a lifetime of learning. This is one place to chase their dream and we help them begin their success stories.

We welcome you to visit our wonderful educational environment. 

We look forward to meeting you.


We are committed to providing a strong foundation in all aspects of learning to challenge and prepare them for a successful future. Our students will be equipped to study at the most prestigious universities in the world.

Our Journey - At a Glance

National Model was incepted in the year 1987 with the novel idea of providing education for life. Since then we have aimed to equip every student not only with the best possible educational attainment but also with the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in a professional career and in personal life. 

Our students are now spread across the globe and make us proud with their success stories.


Schooling Reimagined

We want ‘happiness’ to be the emotion associated when our students look back at their time with us. The overall academic experience at National Model is enriched with a friendly and vibrant community for the individuals to thrive, be happy, secure and confident. The school expertly blends the traditional method of studying with exciting opportunities provided by new technology. 

We envision an active and energetic partnership between the school, the parents and the community to provide an environment where every student can flourish. 


National Model endeavors to raise honest, respectful and responsible life-long learners the world can lean on.


At National Model School, we are dedicated to build a community of open - minded learners that can lead, collaborate, reflect, express, adapt and thrive with compassion in a global environment. 


Enrichment to Mind, Body & Soul

We are all too familiar with the proverb ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and we take this to our heart. We make sure our students involve and explore sports, visual arts, theatrics, music, dance and various other interesting activities to build their self-confidence and improve their creativity. Expert coaches and specialists of our school make sure to identify, groom and train students who show interest and have the capability to excel in any of the activities.


•    Basketball, volleyball, throwball courts
•    Indoor games (TT, carrom, chess)
•    Music and dance rooms
•    Cafeteria 

FACULTY @ National Model School


Lessons of kindness and lessons of life are as important as academic ones—we live by that. Our teaching force, our educators are our biggest asset and backbone. We work hand-in-hand with the students and parents to provide a holistic learning environment. We are invariably learning to teach and teaching to learn.

  • We begin with the student, not the class, not the curriculum

  • One-size-fits-one. That’s our strategy with nurturing and grooming our students 

  • We design and execute customised lesson plans for students after thoroughly analysing their strengths and
    learning capacities

  • We are constantly trying to find creative ways to engage the students—and ourselves—in the subject matters. Thus, creating an immersive learning experience

  • Our teachers undergo training from experts and continually update themselves with current trends in the field of education.

Academics and Curriculum

Our curriculum and activities accompanying in teaching them are designed in a way that encourages creativity, love for learning and a thirst for adventure. Our school imparts education at three levels:

  1. Primary – Classes Pre-KG to V

  2. Middle – Classes VI to VIII

  3. Secondary – Classes IX to X

PRIMARY: Well Begun is Half Done

The formative years of a child! The period of rapid cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. We ensure that our students undergo healthy development during this crucial period. We surround them with positive energy and inculcate a love for learning with our curriculum. We try to appreciate all their curiosities and answer all their tough questions. 

MIDDLE : Sowing the Seeds

‘Learning by Doing’ is one of our main teaching strategies. Beyond subjects, our programs meet the full range of needs for the learners. Now is the time we try to figure out what excites your kid! We encourage them to experiment, to give a shot at all the opportunities provided to them and most importantly to not shy away. 

SECONDARY: Now is the time

We take immense pleasure and joy in figuring out how best to channel your child’s natural strengths. Now is the time we take great care to instil a moral purpose, the importance of having a solid intellectual foundation and personal discipline. To the best of our ability, we prepare them to see the big picture and have a liberal attitude towards life, work and relationships as they grow. 


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